Natural Remedies for Depression

hi guys dr. axe here found her. and doctor of natural medicine in this video I’m going to share with you the top tips to beat depression for good and I’m going to talk about the depression diet as well as depression natural treatments and supplements in these will work fast and back in working with thousands of patients I found that some people can start experiencing a decrease in depressive symptoms in as little as 24 hours if you follow these tips to let’s start off with diet and let me share with you what not to do the first thing when it comes to depression there are certain foods that can recirculate in your body causing depression and there’s a condition called leaky gut and that’s where you get holes in your gut lining and certain proteins like gluten and bad bacteria and even toxins can leak through your bloodstream once they get your bloodstream things like gluten can circulate in cause inflammation of the brain and latest symptoms such as depression anxiety or bipolar disorder so get it today.

important that you changed your diet and do what I call healing and sealing your gut lining in order to do that here the food you want to stay away from number one is sugar we know sugar feeds candida which in turn will eat away at the gut lining stay away from the sugar also stay away from processed grains especially gluten-containing grains those are cause inflammation and also they pull nutrients out of your body causing depression the other thing you want to stay away from her hydrogenated oils in packaged Foods we know those are also highly inflammatory in the biggest thing you want to stay away from is artificial sweetener if you ever consumed diet soda any type of aspartame or splenda or neutral or sucralose.

the fake sugars they’re not even really sugar in fact there neurotoxins absolutely cause major issues in terms of depression bipolar anxiety and other other other forms of mental illness and so stay away from the neck here’s what you want to eat number one go for a mega three rich food omega-3 fat support the brain and nervous system and other healthy fast as well but you want to be getting salmon in your diet on a regular basis also tuna halibut mackerel sardines or any type of fish with omega-3 Rich fish are the best also grass-fed beef in omega-3 fats that are fat in chia seeds flax seeds and walnut load up on the a mega threes a healthy fast as well like that’s what you’re fun and avocados olive oil and sprouted nuts and seeds do I recommend do it you know doing a salad on a daily basis sprinkling some olive oil on their also avocado is amazing.

avocado a day will keep you know your psychologist away but I get avocados are great because they contain the healthy fats magnesium potassium loads and loads of nutrient that are fantastic the other thing that’s important in terms of diet and other healthy fat or getting healthy saturated fat like those found in coconut oil so making coconut oil part part of your diet is critical for depression and then you want to load up on nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in the fruit category you want to go to Barry’s I recommend you do a lot of strawberries blueberries and raspberries in cherries there’s going to be the best for you and it also loads of green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetable so spinach and cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower some of the bastards are going to get to certain vitamins and minerals you need last but not least doing bone broth on a regular basis can help in healing your gut lining and help treat depression so doing a chicken broth.

on a regular basis one of the best meals you can ever do now in terms of supplements here’s what you want to consider there’s a supplement my favorite color is vitamin D3 now vitamin D you can obviously get vitamin D from the Sun so I recommend if it’s sunny out and warm enough out get outside to where you’re showing a little bit of skin and get 30 minutes of direct sunlight every single day but vitamin D3 if you’re not getting Sun that day you want to take 5000 IU of vitamin D the other thing you want to get as magnesium take 500 mg a day that can actually help him find a pressure and take a good B-Complex supplement go and look for an organic B-Complex can definitely help fight depression another other supplements out there such as st. John’s Wort which is good I recommend essential oil such as yelling ulang ulang ulang essential oil has been shown to lift your mood and Spirits so I recommend that essential oil to naturally fight depression and then last but not least.

exercise have you ever heard of a runner’s high runner’s high happens when you’re out running or doing any form of exercise and your body starts releasing serotonin in.

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